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Patrimonial Tour

East Coast of Chiloe

Coastal route on the East Coast of Chiloe Island from the town of Dalcahue to the north, visiting the traditional villages of Colo, San Juan and Tenaún with their old UNESCO Wooden Churches.


At Quemchi  we cross to the island of Aucar walking by a pedestrian wooden bridge, Aucar Isle was also named “Isla de las Almas Navegantes” = Island of the Navigating Souls, by the local writer Francisco Coloane in reference to the cementery of Aucar located there.

At San Juan we visit its wooden church (World Heritage) and the craft shipyard, where the locals build and repair wooden boats.

Season: ALL YEAR!!

Pueblo San Juan Chiloe

Village of San Juan. It stands out for its UNESCO Church and its Shipyard, where the local carpenters nown as "Carpinteros de Ribera" build and repair wooden boats in an artisanal way. It also has a coastal wetland important for birds were its possible to observe a huge population of black-necked swan.

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