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Navigating, hiking & wildlife watching

Chepu, Wild Nature

Chepu is a location on the Pacific Coast of Chiloe Island, along the final section of the Chepu River, the largest flow of Chiloe, with an impressive hydrographic basin composed of 8 rivers.

The river and the native forest around it harbor an interesting biodiversity that can be observed when navigating or walking the trails.

Some representatives of fauna:

Mamals: Southern River Otter, Darwin's Fox, Monito del Monte, Pudu deer and Coypu.

Birds: Ringed Kingfisher, Cocoi Heron, Great Grebe, Chiloe Wigeon, Snowy-crowned Tern, Many-colored Rush-tyrant.

The Chepu River can be navigated to the mouth, where a short hike is done, or you can navigate upstream towards the Coluco Lagoon, an exceptional place for bird watching.

Tour "Muelle de la Luz"

25 minute navigation to the mouth of the Chepu River, ashore for a 20 minute walk (low difficulty) to the "Muelle de la Luz" (Pier of Light), sculpture of the same author of the famous "Muelle del Alma" located in Cucao.

Wildlife Observation Tour in Chepu

2 hour navigation ascending the Chepu River towards Coluco Lagoon. Upon return, a walk in the forest with observation of species of this environment.

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