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Siempre Verde Turismo is a tour operator located in Castro, Chiloe Island, on the Chilean Patagonia. We offer tours linked to the natural and cultural heritage of the region throughout the year, always with a high educational content.

We provide a high quality service as we work with small groups, which ensures an excellent visitor experience. This has been reflected by our users through their good reviews on TripAdvisor, which have us on the first positions of the ranking of tour operators from Chiloé Island.

We work with qualified guides of warm hospitality, and specialized equipment for Birdwatching, which is our specialty.

We strive to develop a genuine ecotourism that contributes to educate and raise awareness among local and foreign visitors about the valuable ecosystem in which we live. We work with experienced guides and environmental education monitors who are passionate about their work. Our users will have an unforgettable experience and will return home with a new look at their surroundings.

José Salas Mella

Co-funder and guide

Amateur Nature Photographer

Tour Guide at Latitud 90

Tour Guide at AndoAndes

President of the Association of Tourism Guides of Chiloe

apoyado por Chiloe A.png
Press Appearances

Revista Domingo, El Mercurio. Published on 13/9/2015

Text & photos by José Salas Mella

View online

Loij Magazine. Published on 5/2015

Photos by José Salas Mella and brief review about Siempre Verde Turismo

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