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Corporate Tours / Groups / Teams

on Chiloé Island

If you plan a trip for a work team, colleagues,

ex-classmates or just friends we can offer tailor-made activities. From eating "Curanto al hoyo" (millennial culinary preparation) to explore unique places. Cultural, sports and leisure activities throughout the Archipelago of Chiloe.


Since 2012, the Mocopulli Airport receives commercial flights (Latam), located on the Isla Grande de Chiloé, 20 km from Castro. We pick up groups there or at El Tepual Airport, in Puerto Montt.

In addition to destinations offered in our Regular Tours, in Group Programs we can visit the following:

- Mechuque Island, with navigation 45 minutes

- Chepu, with navigation on the river

- Queilen, 2 hour navigation


We organize food services with typical cuisine: "Curanto al Hoyo" (millennial culinary preparation), Asado de Cordero al palo (traditional lamb barbecue) and more...

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