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Patrimonial Tour:

Quinchao Island & Dalcahue

Cultural tour in which we cross Dalcahue Channel to the legendary Quinchao Island, visiting the villages of Curaco de Velez, Achao and Villa Quinchao. We drive on secondary roads stoping at viewpoints and observing the channels of the inland sea and wetlands that are home to several species of birds.

Town of Dalcahue is also visited with its Craft Market, Patrimonial Church and “Cocinerias” wich are a traditional food court.

Visit the oldest church of the archipelago: Nuestra Señora Loreto of Achao, constructed in century XVIII.

Season: All Year

Full Day Tour

Schedule: 9:30 - 17:00

Visit towns of Dalcahue, Curaco de Velez, Achao (UNESCO Church) and Villa Quinchao.

Canal Dalcahue

Dalcahue town and channel

Dalcahue is a word that comes from Mapudungun: Dalca = canoe and Hue = place; meaning "place of canoes".
The dalcas are the ancient boats in which the native inhabitants Chonos sailed the channels of Chiloe Archipelago.

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