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Tantauco Park

Tantauco Park is a voluntary conservation project open to the community located in the south sector of the Big Island of Chiloe. It protects 118.000 hectares of rich ecosystems such as evergreen forests, ancient cypress groves, peat bogs dating back to the las glaciation, lakes and rivers. It is home to a magnificent diversity of plant and animal species, many of which are threatened. As a result, the Park has been declared one of the world's 35 Biodiversity Hotspots and as such is tagged as one of Chile's conservation priorities.

Fauna: Tantauco Park is undoubtedly one of the best places in Chile to go in search of some rare species such as Darwin's fox, the Pudu, Darwin's frog and the Magellanic Woodpecker.

Pudu puda
Magellanic Woodpecker
Campephilus magellanicus
Darwin's Fox
Lycalopex fulvipes

Full day tour:

Schedule: 9:00 - 18:00

Visit Yaldad sector, Environmental information center on the shore of Yaldad lake.

Trail Yaldad River 2,7 km medium difficulty

There are also 2 variants of less difficulty: Darwin Trail and Evergreen Trail, 500 meters each, a good option for less trekkers.


Services includes: transfer from Castro, park entrance fee, qualified guide, box-lunch. Does not include restaurant consumption.

Rates do not apply to private tours or cruise ship passengers (Shore Excursions).

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