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Hiking Tour

Muelle del Alma

(Pier of the Soul)

The trail leading to "El Muelle del Alma" in Cucao, has become an unmissable for those who come to explore the island of Chiloe. A highly scenic route through the beautiful countryside and along the coast, crowned by a work of art that makes reference to the local mythology.


According to the Chiloense oral tradition , when a person dies his spirit must go to this sector and call Tempilkawe, the Rafter, legendary character who comes on his raft made of foam and takes the departed soul, claiming their pay in precious stones, the same ones that can be found on the beach of Rahue, naturally polished by erosion.

Transfer from Castro to the west coast of Chiloe Island, 10km south to the town of Cucao we hike in the area known as “Punta Pirulil”, towards the Pacific Ocean, where we’ll find a magical place on a natural viewpoint

3 hour hike round trip  (6km in total) difficulty medium to high 

(on winter gets harder)

Season: september to April

Full Day Tour

Hiking Muelle del Alma + Chiloe National Park

Schedule: 9:00 - 18:30

Visit Lake Huillinco, hike on "Punta Pirulil" to the legendary "Muelle del Alma" and visit Chiloe National Park.

Express Tour / Hiking Muelle del Alma

Schedule: 9:00 - 15:00

Visit Lake Huillinco, hike on "Punta Pirulil" to the legendary "Muelle del Alma", back to Castro.

The original title of the work of art is "Kuy-kuy Tempilkawe - El Muelle del Alma", it was designed and built by the visual artist Marcelo Orellana (alias Chumono).

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