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Hiking & Native Forest

Chiloe National Park

Located on the west coast of Chiloe´s Great Island, Chiloé National Park protects an ecosystem of high ecological value, including areas of evergreen forest and peat bogs. Among the most representative species of flora we find the ancient Alerces, the Canelo, sacred tree of the Mapuche people, the Guaitecas Cypress, prized for its valuable wood, Tepú, which stains the water a reddish color, and many more.

Among the fauna we find Chilote fox or Darwins Fox, named after the illustrious naturalist creator of the evolution theory, as well as the Darwins Frog, which is close to extinction, the Pudú, world's smallest deer, and easier to observe are hundreds of species of birds, among which are Kingfishers, Magellanic Woodpecker, beautiful Chucao and many more.

2 hour hike along “El Tepual” trail of low difficulty and great biological richness.

Full day tour

Schedule: 9:30 - 17:00

Visit the town of Chonchi and its UNESCO Church, Lake Huillinco, the beach of Cucao and Chiloe National Park

Half day tour

Schedule: 9:30 - 14:00

Visit Lake Huillinco, the beach of Cucao and Chiloe National Park.

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